Help the Veggie Van

The Veggie Van needs volunteer drivers and volunteer passenger-helpers to bring fresh fruit and produce to the food-desert areas of Lynchburg. Sign up to be a passenger or helper by clicking the button below. You can be a volunteer driver, too, once you have gotten the go-ahead from Lynchburg Grows' staff. More info about the Veggie Van is below, but if you still have questions, email

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We also need your help getting the word out about the Veggie Van's stops. You can download a flyer of the van's schedule and post it wherever you get permission to do so!

To download or print the van schedule, click here.

The schedule may change with the seasons, so check back to make sure you have the latest version.

About the Veggie Van

More than a quarter of Lynchburg residents live in a food desert, according to a study by the USDA. That’s more than any other city in Virginia. Lynchburg Grows had been addressing this challenge through its support of community gardens, but the staff and board wanted to do more. In 2015, Live Healthy Lynchburg, in cooperation with Lynchburg Grows, came up with the idea of the mobile produce van. Together, they secured funding from Centra Foundation and purchased a 1996 Chevy van, then met with local church leaders to help them identify logical drop-off points in the areas with the most need.

Today, the van distributes produce two days a week plus one Saturday and Sunday a month to eight different locations. The van accepts cash, credit/debit cards, Light House Tokens, and EBT card payments. Shoppers can buy not only produce from Lynchburg Grows, but also fruit, bread, and products from other local farms.

Veggie Van produce comes from food that we grow on the farm or from other local farmers. To keep the van stocked year-round, we also buy items such as bananas and grapes from a local produce wholesaler. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church also grows produce at Lynchburg Grows that is harvested for giving away on the Veggie Van. Panera Bakery donates bread every week, which we also give away on the Van.

Backyard gardeners and community gardeners are encouraged to donate or sell their produce wholesale to us, too, so we can sell it on the Van and keep things really local! If you're a gardener and you'd like to get involved, email and let her know.