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It’s time for some big improvements to farm that will allow us to serve our community better than ever. For a list of all the projects that are part of the capital campaign, scroll down below the pledge form. Thank you for your contribution!

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 Greenhouses and Production - $300,000

• Build new greenhouses on existing foundations
• Restore historic rose greenhouse
• Repair and replace glass in production greenhouses for safety and efficiency
• Construct rainwater harvesting system for sustainability and hands-on educational experiences

 Education - $100,000

• Construct an open-air education building for instruction and group meetings
• Construct ADA-compliant bathrooms for farm visitors

 Site work - $150,000

• Fill in old concrete cistern for safety
• Repave driveway
• Build new fence along the border with the stadium
• Renovate the historic power plant building to prepare it for use by the farm