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Veggie Box brings you a variety of locally-grown foods in your harvest share each week.

Veggie Box brings you a variety of locally-grown foods in your harvest share each week.

What is Veggie Box?

The Veggie Box program lets you share in our harvests, using the Community Supported Agriculture model. Being a Veggie Box member allows you to enjoy local, seasonal, vegetables directly from Lynchburg Grows. In addition to the food that we grow, our shares also include food from other local farms, local orchards, and from local food artisans. This approach allows us to bring you the most diverse harvest shares that we can, while also providing an important distribution outlet for other local farmers and small businesses.

How does it work?
Pay a fixed price and receive a selection of our best produce on a weekly basis. The items in your share are freshly harvested and they rotate with each growing-season.

What's in a share?
Each week you'll pick 6 items total from two lists; each list has 6 to 8 options from which you pick 3 items. Items vary by season. In early spring and late fall, you'll see cool-weather crops such as lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, collards, kale, mache, beets, carrots, radishes, turnips, broccoli, and more. In warm weather, harvests yield produce like squash and zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, strawberries, and green beans; then melons, fall squashes, apples, and mushrooms, before cycling back to the cool weather crops again. 

An example of the Veggie Box lists of options during cool weather.

An example of the Veggie Box lists of options during cool weather.


Anything else?
Yes! Also depending on seasonal availability, we include products such as local goat and cow cheeses, breads, popcorn, honey, tea, cider, and more. Plus, we'll have local eggs available almost every week. 

This year, we'll also have a Rose CSA program starting in late spring, which will give you the opportunity to get fresh flowers each week. We'll be sharing more details with you about those plans later on in the season.

When does it start?
Veggie Box 2017 starts March 22, 2017 and ends on December 20, 2017. (That's 40 weeks of food!)

What makes us different?
Lynchburg Grows is a non-profit farm that gives back to our town through produce donation, through our Veggie Van program, and through our support of Lynchburg’s community of farmers and small businesses. Plus, almost all the members of our amazing farming team are individuals with physical and mental disabilities. The Veggie Box program is our most important source of farm-based revenue, so as a member, you're supporting us in all of our work.

How much food will I get in my share?
Each share contains 6 items and should last 2 to 3 adults for a week. Sometimes the produce is heavy (like a watermelon) and sometimes it's light (like a bunch of kale), so the weight and volume of your share depends on which items you choose, and also on the nature of the season's produce. Generally speaking, if you choose items with a variety of sizes, you'll walk out with about a paper grocery bag's worth. During the height of harvest season (early fall) it's often more than that.

How much does it cost?
A share costs $20 per week, which totals $800 for the season (plus tax). BUT, since this is our first year running one long season instead of two shorter ones, we're offering some extra special discounts to everyone for trying it out.

There are two payment options: Pay In Full, or Pay Monthly. 

If you join and pay in full ON or BEFORE the first pick-up day, March 22nd, you will get one month free! You'll save $80 (10%) if you pay in full, and you will save $40 (5%) if you pay monthly. Here are the numbers:

Pay In Full by March 22nd: (10% off): $720 + $18.00 (2.5% tax) = $738.00 Total

Sign up by March 22nd and Pay Monthly: (5% off): $76/mo. + $1.90 (2.5% tax) = $77.90 per month

If you join after March 22nd, the price returns to $20 per week. We'll pro-rate the amount you owe based on the time remaining in the season.

We also accept EBT as payment. If you're a SNAP recipient, your rate is just $15 per week, and you can pay monthly in person at the farm. Please contact us to sign up.

Scholarship Fund
This year we are establishing a scholarship fund to supply Veggie Box shares to local families in need. We’ll be talking with our Veggie Van customers and working with our local SNAP office and other nonprofit orgs to identify families who would benefit. 

The fund will be fueled by donations. If you are interested in contributing, you can do so two ways: when you sign up for Veggie Box 2017, you can forego the discount and pay the full price instead, and we'll put your discount money into the fund. Choose that option on the form below, and your invoice will reflect your tax-deductible donation. 

You can also donate to the fund by visiting our DONATE page and making a donation of any size. Just write "Veggie Box Scholarship Fund" in the message field when you fill out the donation form. We'll distribute the scholarship-funded shares through the season as soon as we have enough money earmarked to cover them. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

How do I sign-up?
Enter your info into the form below and click SUBMIT. That's it! We'll send you an invoice via email that will reflect the payment preferences you choose. Watch your inbox for a message from Lynchburg Grows with "New Invoice" in the subject line.

We accept credit or debit cards, EBT cards, cash, or checks and you can pay online, through the mail, or in person at the farm. Just contact Stuart at csa@lynchburggrows.org or 434.846.5665 if you have any payment questions.

When/where do I pick up?
Pick up is at the farm (1339 Englewood St.) every Wednesday from 11AM to 6PM.

What if I can’t pick up one week?
Don't worry! You still have options:
1. Tell a friend or family member to go pick up for you and let them enjoy your share!
2. If it's an emergency or last-minute problem that keeps you from coming, let us know and we'll pack up a share at the end of the day Wednesday for you to pick up on Thursday.
3. If those options don't work, we'll donate your share to the Veggie Van or to help feed the hungry, and issue you an acknowledgement letter at the end of the year for the total value of all your donations.

What if I change my mind?
We do a lot of planning - both for farm production and for the organization as a whole - based on the number of Veggie Box shares we have to fulfill, so it is something of a commitment. That said, we understand that people's lives and circumstances do change, so our policy is:

If something completely unexpected happens to you, such as a major illness, or an unanticipated move out of town, you can cancel your membership and we'll issue you a refund for any portion of the season remaining that you've paid for already. 

If you just have a change of heart, however, we ask that you think of your membership as you would think of a lease - to end it before its term, you would find someone to sublease for you. Similarly, you can terminate your membership by finding someone to take your place. We'll do what we can to help you with that, too. 

In fact, we're here to help in general, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out to Stuart with your questions, concerns, or suggestions about anything Veggie-Box-related.

Thank You!

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