For Our Volunteers:

Thanks to all of you who will be helping us make this event great!

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September 30, 2017

1339 Englewood St.

Cocktail Hour:  6pm

Guests may get drinks from a tent in the grassy area behind the greenhouses, and wander on their own through any of our greenhouses, except Greenhouse 1, which will be closed as we prepare to serve dinner in it. Volunteer servers and bussers will help make sure appetizers are available on the lawn, remove used plates and utensils, empty trash cans as needed, and/or help prepare for serving the dinner courses.

Dinner and Speakers:  7pm

Guests will be called into Greenhouse 1, where there will be one long table to seat 75 guests in the middle of the main aisle. Servers will bring plated courses to seated guests from the "Packing Shed" building nearby.

Info For Volunteers:

Set-Up Volunteers can help in the afternoon of Friday the 29th and anytime during the day Saturday the 30th, beginning at 10am. Please check in with staff at the Packing Shed and we'll let you know how you can help. We'll be putting up tables and chairs, cleaning up, and arranging decor, along with other last-minute tasks. Wear comfortable clothes to work in.

Combination Volunteers can arrive anytime from noon to 4:00pm on Saturday to help with set-up and then stay to help with parking and food service. Bring a black outfit to change into for serving.

Servers, please plan to arrive at 5:00pm on Saturday, the 30th, (unless you've made different plans individually with Lynchburg Grows' employees). We'll give you your assignments based on your experience and your schedule, and walk you through what the process will be.

Chef Joe Hubbard will prepare enough food for all volunteers to have the same food for their dinners as our guests. You'll eat after all the courses are served, so make sure you eat a light meal or snack before you come so you can make it through alright. Also, plan to make new friends and have a good time.

Food Servers

  • Attire: All black clothing. Close-toed shoes and no heels. You'll be working in a greenhouse with wood chips underfoot.
  • Duties: You will be serving four plated courses: appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert. You will also help keep water carafes full on the table, remove plates, and for those of you over 21, you may also be pouring wine. You will do a lot of walking!


  • Attire: All black clothing and close-toed shoes - same as servers.
  • Duties: You will be responsible for circulating around the table in the greenhouse between courses to clear plates, fill waters, and respond to any requests that guests may have.

Parking Attendants

  • Attire: Also all black clothing, because we may need you to switch over to being a server or busser once the parking is taken care of.
  • Duties: You will direct traffic as guests arrive to park in one area or another. We will give you instructions.
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Coming and Going

When you arrive, you may come in our Englewood Street entrance and park in the gravel lot. Leave open access to the two handicapped spots there that will be marked. 

If that lot is full, OR if you need to leave before the event is over, please park in the lower lots (shown in the map below). If you have any questions, text or call Stuart: 434-960-3773

How to access the lower parking lots for the event from Rutherford Street. The driveway will be closed to vehicle traffic after 6pm.

How to access the lower parking lots for the event from Rutherford Street. The driveway will be closed to vehicle traffic after 6pm.

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